Our newly developed curriculum, Life Skills for the Young Lakota and Life Skills for the Young Native American, is designed for students in 2nd grade through 8th, but it is useful for other ages including high school. We focus on guiding our children and youth in making healthy choices and developing life skills to assist them in living their best lives and contributing to the wellness of their communities. The workbooks are centered on the concept of mitakuye oyasin (we are all related) - in our relationships with each other, our Creator, Mother Earth and all of creation. 



Oceti Wakan has been working with children and youth groups for many years towards the goal of lifting them out of the cycle of alcohol, drug abuse and suicide. Living in homes that more than likely include alcoholism and drug abuse, unemployment, extreme poverty, depression and hopelessness, we strive to provide culturally-based educational and enrichment activities to prevent these conditions in their futures. 

A set of primary and secondary prevention workbooks that are using a culturally-based program for the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. Over 80% of our schools have used this curriculum prior to ‘No Child Left Behind’ came into our school system and programs like this were dropped. Now, with our children in such trouble, schools are interested in ordering this program again.

Oceti Wakan’s goal was to break the existing barrier of less than 2% of our young people understanding or speaking the Lakota language. We have machines at stations in the back of classrooms where children go and put on headphones and learn to speak Lakota words and phrases each week. At Porcupine School, they have used our program for the last four years.

While our country shops for gifts and makes elaborate preparations for celebrating Christmas and the holidays, there are many children here who will get nothing, probably thousands of them. For the eighth year, Oceti Wakan is having a drive to bring a ray of hope to these children’s lives.

ABOUT Oceti Wakan

Oceti Wakan is a non profit organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


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