WELLNESS / LIFE SKILLS Prevention Program


Our newly developed curriculum, Life Skills for the Young Lakota and Life Skills for the Young Native American, is designed for students in 2nd grade through 8th, but it is useful for other ages including high school. We focus on guiding our children and youth in making healthy choices and developing life skills to assist them in living their best lives and contributing to the wellness of their communities. The workbooks are centered on the concept of mitakuye oyasin (we are all related) - in our relationships with each other, our Creator, Mother Earth and all of creation. 



 Lakota Books


Native Books

woohitaka mani yo


   Our program is based on a whole body/medicine wheel approach. Students are asked to see themselves as having four bodies: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. As we go around the medicine wheel, the lessons will address subjects that relate to each body. In some cases, such as setting boundaries, the topic will be addressed in all four bodies consecutively. For adolescent ages, we address addiction, enabling, codependence, depression, suicide, and other heavy but important subjects (after building up to them).




Wellness Program


   Developing more funds for this project will advance the work of training teachers, making assessments, giving presentations at conferences and meetings across the US, getting the curriculum out to other tribes, and aiding in the development of customized versions for them, among other functions. We are eager to put this work that took thousands of hours to develop during the last three years into the hands of our beloved at-risk Native children and youth. 





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 Total amount that donors donated to our campaign "Wellness / Life Skills Prevention Program":  $75,818

# Country Contribution Number of donations Lowest Average Highest Total
1 Austria Austria 42% 46 $120 $699 $9,030 $32,158
2 United States United States 34% 121 $1 $210 $5,000 $25,418
3 Poland Poland 9% 5 $500 $1,300 $3,000 $6,500
4 United Kingdom United Kingdom 8% 6 $50 $958 $2,000 $5,750
5 Germany Germany 5% 34 $10 $105 $1,100 $3,582

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